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Group Funding Success Stories

Here is the portfolio of our successes in assisting our clients globally with their trade finance requirements. By having our own bank accounts with International Repute Banks, we have marked our presence as a Trade Finance Provider in Singapore, Malaysia, Ghana, Nigeria, USA, and UK, UAE, Hong Kong, and more than 100+ countries. Whether you require – Letter of Credit, Standby Letter of Credit, or BG MT760s for your trade deals or projects, we are always here to assist you! Below are some of the testaments of how we served the trade finance needs of our clients. Read Group Funding Success Stories now!

Recent Group Funding Success Stories

Bank Guarantee Facility | Financial Guarantee| Letter of Guarantee

Issued Bank Guarantee Facility for an African Buyer to Import Cars from Canada

What is a Bank Guarantee Facility? It’s issued by a bank on behalf of its clients to ensure the payment towards the seller. Further, this Guarantee helps traders to do conclude worthy trade deals. Also, this cannot be possible without MT760. Also, by knowing the importance of BGs, an African buyer decided to import cars from Canada using Bank Guarantee. Further, read this success story to know the challenges faced by the buyer in availing BG Letter; also, how we assisted the trader to get the MT760 with their car...
Documentary Credit – Letter of Credit - LC at Sight - MT700

Issuance of Documentary Credit for a Chinese Buyer to Import A+ Chicken Paws from Brazil

Chicken Paws are proving to be popular in China, as like chicken wings in the US. But, Paw imports in China slowed down in the year 2020 and in the mid of 2021, due to the impact of COVID 19. But now, the demand has been increased rapidly. Further, to meet the demand, a buyer from China decided to import chicken paws from Brazil using Documentary Credit or MT700. See our success in issuing MT700 for a Chinese buyer from our own bank account.
Standby Letter of Credit Providers – SBLC MT760 – Standby LC

Standby Letter of Credit Providers in Canada Facilitated MT760 for Gas Oil Import

Group Funding, the Standby Letter of Credit Providers in Canada supported the buyer to import AGO using SBLC MT760. We have provided the SBLC MT760 from our own bank account at ZERO Collateral. Further, read this story to know the demand for AGO, challenges faced by the client in arranging cash funds; also, the support we provided to conclude the trade deal.
Trade Finance in Canada – Standby Letter of Credit – SBLC MT760

UAE Buyer Imported Sugar from Brazil by Availing Trade Finance in Canada

Among all other agro foods, Sugar is the most profitable and widely traded global commodity. Doing global trade deals can be risky for sugar traders, as they deal with buyers and sellers from different legal jurisdictions. Further, to secure your trade deals from the risks involved, Group Funding, the provider of trade finance in Canada is here to help you with SBLC &#C3FFBDCAFFA88211; MT760.
LC Issuance – Letter of Credit – LC at Sight – LC Providers

Successful LC Issuance to Import Toyota Hilux Pickup Trucks from UAE>

Group Funding, the Letter of Credit Providers in Canada has issued a Letter of Credit on behalf of a Sudanese buyer to import Toyota Hilux Double Cabin Pickups from UAE. Further, we helped the client with their LC issuance by providing MT700 at ZERO Cash Margin. Also, read this success story to find How the Client Found Us and How We Served their DLC MT700 request.
Letter of Credit Issuance – LC Providers in Canada – Scrap Metal Import

Letter of Credit Issuance from European Banks for a Canada Trader

Our Client owns a company in Canada Free Zone which deals with scrap metals. Further, to expand their product line, they decided to import copper scrap from a seller. Also, to conclude this deal, the client required MT700. Therefore, Group Funding, the LC Providers in Canada assisted the trader by facilitating Letter of Credit Issuance from Banks.
LC Payable at Sight – LC Providers in Canada – DLC MT700

Issued LC Payable at Sight to Import Bitumen from UAE

Japan makes its presence in the Middle East as the largest importer of Bitumen High Grade. For which, they depend on Middle East Countries for their Bitumen imports. Accordingly, a Japanese trader decided to import Bitumen High Grade from UAE. Also for that, they required LC Payable at Sight. Also, to help them, we the Letter of Credit Providers in Canada provided LC at Sight to cover their Bitumen import. Further, read this story to know more about our success in helping the clients with their LC needs.
SBLC Payment Term – SBLC Providers – Standby LC – MT760

Sudan Buyer Imports S30 Sugar from India on the basis of SBLC Payment Term

The Client from Sudan is the local supplier of Refined Cane Sugar in grades L30, S30, and ICUMSA 45. Also, they used to buy sugar from wholesale stockists and then supply to the local buyers to earn handsome profits. Recently, the Sudan wholesale buyer contacted Group Funding LTD., the SBLC Providers in Canada. Further, this is to get the SBLC Payment term to import sugar from India. Also, read the story to see how we serve the client by providing SBLC Finance.
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