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Group Funding Reviews

See what our clients have to say about us & our services! Take a look at the collection of Group Funding Reviews which we have received from our happy clients!

We’re grateful for the words of appreciation which we received from our clients. Also, we are committed to letting our clients’ share what’s really on their minds. That’s why we have provided this platform, where our clients can share their feedbacks which will be useful for us to become the best Trade Finance Provider in Canada. We take this opportunity to thank the clients who have graciously taken the time to write a review for us. We love hearing what they have to say!

Group Funding Recent Reviews

“I was connected to Mrs. Kate on LinkedIn that’s where I saw his company “Group Funding” is the provider of SBLC. For my Sugar import, I required an SBLC because my Brazilian supplier was demanding. I provided my Sugar contract details to them and within no time they sent me their business proposal with the SBLC cost. Unlike other companies, they do not have a tedious process. Their procedure to avail SBLC was so simple. I just paid the SBLC issuance fee charges and believe it or not, within 2 days the SBLC was issued. I have given their contact details to my other fellow traders to utilize their services. Highly recommended!!!”


“As we require a Letter of Credit to cover the Sunflower Oil deal, but our bank has declined our request to open the LC MT700. We came across group Fundingwhich is providing financial instruments for their clients to facilitate import deals. Once we provided a Pro-forma invoice, so, they right away provided their proposal for opening LC. We have signed the agreement with them and paid the LC charges. They right away instructed their bank to open the LC and now the Sunflower Oil shipment is on the way to our country. What a marvelous service group Funding provided to us. We recommend to all our other trade associates to utilize group Funding trade finance services.”


“When we decided to speed up the work of our construction project, we faced a lot of cash constraints. And to get the advance payments from the developer, they require an Advance Payment Guarantee. As we are the retaining client of Group Funding, we just sent an email to them to renew the Bank Guarantee. They did all the process on our behalf of us and made the process completely hassle-free. They sent the invoice & we paid the charges. Finally, the Bank Guarantee was issued in the next 2 days. Accordingly we got the advance payments from our developer. What a speedy, professional service, it is? You people deserve to be the No.1 Bank Guarantee Providers in Canada. Keep on providing the same level of services, as people are in need of this kind of services.”

Sadam Ali,

“Wow! Today I have received my first shipment using SBLC payment. Thank you, Group Funding! You people are truly genuine and working with business ethics. You did what you promised! I am really thankful for the support you have provided me in the issuance of Standby LC. Initially, when we have decided to use SBLC I got the quotation from 3 to 4 companies, out of all, I have chosen you, as you are the registered and certified one. Now feeling very glad, that I have made the right choice by choosing you! Thank you, guys!”

John Ginette,

“Mr. George and his team at Group Funding are very professional and can go above the expectation to meet their client’s demand. Recently I have visited their office in Canada to discuss my client’s Bank Guarantee requirements. I was really impressed with the warm welcome given by Group Funding & its team. Also, Mr. George explained each and everything in detail. All my options were displayed clearly. And so, I could see what worked best for me. Further, I wouldn’t hesitate to refer anyone to Group Funding in Canada for assistance with their trade finance needs. Thank you, team!”


“Thank you, Mr. George and his entire team for all their help opening an LC on behalf of my company. Always friendly, professional, & knowledgeable. Compared to other lenders available in the market, Group Funding is the one who is always ready to assist traders by extending their own bank facilities. The prices are really nominal and they will charge only for what they do. Also, No hidden charges at all! They were always available to contact when we had any questions and always kept us updated with everything in regards to our LC process. Would definitely recommend it to everyone!”


“I want to thank group Funding for helping our business during the pandemic. Even we have had a strong relationship with group Funding since 2014; the help they provided for us in the mid of 2020 was really great. Because, as we all know Banks were not ready to lend their hand at that time due to economic recession and no other lenders were ready to help! But, Group Funding helped us! They trusted us and issued the LC. Only because of Group Funding, we are in the market today! As a note of thanks, we will do our best of spreading the name of Group Funding amongst my colleagues & partners! Also, I personally look forward to collaborate with you for all our trade finance requirements in future. I wish you and your team all the very best. “

Munif Naser,

“Thank you, team! You listened to our needs and provided the LC when other lenders could not. When everyone asked for cash margin, you said no for that. When other lenders said it will take months to get the LC, you made it simple by issuing the genuine LC in just 2 days. We were really stunned by seeing your fast service. Because, in our case, the turnaround time from application to deal conclusion was just 2 to 3 days. Even, we got an appreciation from our supplier for issuing the LC on time. Thank you, Group Funding team! You’re always second to none! Keep up the great work!”


“Last year, we sought your services to plan our guarantee requirements for a construction project. But due to some COVID-related issues, we can’t able to proceed further. And now we contacted you with the same BG requirement. You make us feel like we are your valuable client; we are really thankful for that! Also, the astute advice you have provided was really valuable. Moreover, you explained everything thoroughly and we never feel uncomfortable asking questions or expressing an opinion. We are planning to visit Canada for the Expo 2020 season. For sure, we will definitely visit your office to convey our thanks to you, people in person!”

Allyson David,

“I found Group Funding in the Alibaba portal & called them to discuss the LC requirement for my rice import transaction. The representative who answered my phone call was very professional and explained the complete process to apply LC. Also, their charges were very competitive, compared to others. Last week, I applied for LC & received the LC, 2 days before. Within 10 days, I have concluded my rice deal, I got a special discount from Group Funding This is to say that it has been an absolute pleasure working with them and I would like to thank them for the successful LC issuance.”

Weldon A.,

“First, let me say thanks to Group Funding team for providing SBLC. They helped me at the right time by providing the SBLC which helped me to get the credit facility from my bank. The team clearly understood our queries and structured my SBLC in such a way which we can use as collateral to get a credit facility from our bank. Right support, right guidance and also right services – All at one place! They are the trusted SBLC providers in Canada. Thank you, team! You have provided a timely support with minimum service charges & no collateral! Convey my thanks to the entire team”


“I am feeling very happy to share my experience of working with Group Funding via this Group Funding Reviews Page. Six months before, we are in the situation of closing our business because of the financial loss we met. But our financial advisor advised us to do some kind of import business to make instant profits. Also, the idea seems to be the good, but we didn’t had enough cash funds in hand to import goods. So we contacted Group Funding to get LC. Group Funding had really done a commendable job in offering LC from a good recognized bank. It was really a seamless process. Further, I would like to thank the entire team for being professional and friendly as well as for guiding me throughout the process. Really a good service! Highly recommended!”


“Via this Group Funding Reviews page, I just want to say “Thank You” for the wonderful work you did to issue my LC. When I was unable to get the bank support, I was completely fed up! But the newsletter which I received from you people has given me new hope. As soon as, I contacted you, your words have given a great confidence. It’s really great, as, within 48hrs, you have done everything for us to get the LC at Sight issued as per our need. Hat off to your timely service & thank you very much for helping us! I would like to strongly recommend Group Funding, the LC provider in Canada for all traders to open LC in a hassle-free way!”

Darshan Thagar,

“Will 100% recommended Group Funding to anyone in the UAE who wants the opportunity to expand their business without investing their hard-earned money. They are such professional and friendly service providers whom I have never seen! They explained the whole process to me before we started working together. Also, they answered all my questions on time & handled the process quickly & smoothly. I will rate this company 5/5 for the services offered to its customers.”


“We wanted to thank you and your team for all the hard work you did in structuring my transaction; also in getting the BG issued. You made us feel important! All our emails were answered timely! When all the conventional banks said that they could not help us, you sat down with us and listened to our queries, and said okay to issue the BG. We can say that we couldn’t able to sign the contract if we didn’t get support from your company! Great thanks, Group Funding You are the real-life savior for us!”

Juan Gallegos,

“Our relationship with this company started in the year 2020. Amid COVID Pandemic, the support they have given to us was really awesome! Ismail, the CEO of the Company & their entire trade finance team was incredibly kind, professional, and responsive. From what we experience, we can say that they are the Good People & the Trusted Trade Finance Provider. We felt so happy and pleased to work with them for our SBLC needs. Also, Thank you for listening to us & thank you for providing timely assistance, THANK YOU, Group Funding The SBLC which we received from you last year is going to expire by next month! Hope we will get some new order from the same supplier, so I will contact you soon to renew the SBLC! Great Thanks, Group Funding”

Kevin Jonathan,

“Wonderful company! What I can say about Group Funding is – Genuineness & Honesty! When I was need of LC to import rice from India, I contacted Group Funding, the trade finance company in Canada. It was the best decision I made. I didn’t believe that getting LC from such a good bank will be this much easier, but Group Funding did it. They went above & beyond to get the LC issued. Thank you, Group Funding… You are very much appreciated. Further, I wish to show my sincere gratitude towards you by writing this review. I would like to give my highest recommendation to Group Funding and their team!”


“Few months ago, I was in need of LC at Sight to import Nuts & Spices, but at that time, I didn’t have hard cash in hand to provide as cash margin to open LC from banks. After being turned down by many banks & other lenders, I got referred to Mr. George, the Assistant Managing Director of Group Funding by one of my business colleague. I respected the way he listened & understood my financial issues. He took his precious time to explain every little detail to me & he assured me that Group Funding can provide the LC from one of the good rated bank. Finally, he made his words become true. Within a short span of time, we concluded the deal & the LC issued from the best bank in Europe.

I really appreciate the level of transparency that Mr. George & his team follows! Group Funding is indeed a reliable and friendly financing option that I highly recommend!”


“Great Company, Honest People & Professional Approach! We required Letter of Credit to import copper wire scrap from India. So, we visited Group Funding office in Business Bay, Canada to discuss about our LC requirements. Mr. George, the Assistant Managing Director of Group Funding welcomed and greeted us with huge respect. We felt very prestigious by their warm welcome. They are the true & genuine LC providers in Canada. After the discussion, we got much more confidence that they will help us with our LC needs. As promised by the team, we received the LC from one of the best bank in Europe within 2 days. Really, really, we felt very happy & satisfied with their prompt service! On behalf of our company, big thanks to Group Funding and its team!

Further, I would like to highly recommend Group Funding to other traders who are facing lack of bank facilities to open LC from their bank! Group Funding can truly help you, like they did for us!”

Martyn Barnes,

“I feel very happy to share Group Funding Review here! After the mind boggling search to avail trade finance and being denied by my bank, we have chosen Group Funding to work. I phoned up them with a doubt whether my request will be accepted or not. They answered my queries via phone and asked me to send a detailed email. Further, my request was immediately approved, and then the entire process completed within 8 working days. Also, I would like personally thank Mr. George for their first-class service and much needed help and advice.”


“Last week, we visited Group Funding office in Canada to get SBLC MT760 for my sugar transaction. We had a fruitful discussion with Mr. George and his team regarding our sugar deal for almost an hour. During the meeting, they offered the right guidance and advised me to choose the right path to get my deal concluded. Their prices are reasonable and every dollar worth their services. They are 30 years old trade finance company in Canada. Further, their experience and expertise speak for themselves! Also, I would like to recommend Group Funding in Canada for all traders, who require trade finance support!”

Josh Will,
South Africa

“I have known Mr. George for about 2 years, and I can attest that he is a trusted and genuine provider of trade finance services in today’s market. His prudent guidance and thorough market knowledge has indeed helped us to conclude more deals without investing our working capital. It has also been a great pleasure to work with him and also the entire team of Group Funding Also, they are super professional and very helpful. Just call them and write your requirements to their email id: I am sure that you will receive a response from them within 24 hours. Further, such a kind of great customer service they do! Really satisfied with their service! And I wish to recommend them to all who are in need of trade finance help!”

Alan. C,

“We have successfully concluded our LC transaction with Group Funding! Last month, we contacted Group Funding with our LC request, as our bank declined to provide MT700 on our company’s behalf. Without any hope, we just submitted our LC request to Group Funding But, Group Funding did a great job by a providing Letter of Credit within a week. Since they had a direct relationship with European Banks, and they rest assured that the LC will be issued only from a genuine bank. We wish to convey our great thanks to Group Funding for helping us with our LC transaction. Without your help, we wouldn’t be able to make this deal! Thank you, Group Funding team!”

Ting Cheng,
Hong Kong

“I recently started working with Group Funding for my clients and am thrilled with their services and especially with their loyalty. They worked for me in such a professional way! And I was really impressed by the way they work; they always remain behind the scene which creates trust with my clients that I am the one and only one directly dealing with them. And also, they explained each and everything, even commission charges to avoid any confusion in the future. And this makes their services more transparent and simple. With the help of Group Funding, I have concluded more than 5+ dealings with my clients. I am really thankful for the entire team! Also, I wish to maintain this business relationship withGroup Funding forever!”

Naifeh Rahal,

“Just want to say thank you to Group Funding! They really helped me a lot with my Bank Guarantee transaction. The team was very professional, helpful, and knowledgeable in all aspects. Once I submitted the request, they followed up me until we received the required guarantee from one of the rated European Banks. Really, I didn’t even imagine that the process of availing Million dollars’ worth Bank Guarantee would be this much easier. Further, they made the paperwork and processing very easier! Thank you Group Funding for all the assistance & support! Also, I wish to recommend Group Funding to all who are looking to avail Bank Guarantee without blocking their working capital.”

Mathew Seth,

“Recently I came across a video from Group Funding on LinkedIn. After watching the video, I was really amazed by the way they work for their Client Mr. Isaac Daniel with the LC transaction. I thought of conveying my word of appreciation to the team for their good work and commented as “Great”. Hereby, I wish to say that Group Funding is really a boon for traders who require trade finance support for their trade deals. Also, I didn’t get a chance to work with Group Funding till the date; but I am sure that we will work together soon with my upcoming trade deal.”

Ahmed Musa,

“As a financial consultant in Singapore, we used to receive more calls and requests from our clients regarding commercial trade finance. But it was difficult for us to find some trusted trade finance providers. Recently, we came across a YouTube video posted by Group Funding. And I found that they will be the best people to work with. So, we contacted them with a 5 million Worth SBLC for our client from Thailand. They studied the trade deal and approved to issue SBLC. The only thing I did was – just be the intermediate between my Client & Group Funding Also, I received a great appreciation from my client for the speedy response & detailed email communication. Thank you, Group Funding Team for your help in providing my clients’ SBLC!”

Jean Taylor,

Compared to other trade finance providers in the market, Group Funding always seems to be the best one. Also, the way they portray their portfolio is really awesome! I used to receive more updates and posts from Group Funding, since I have liked their Facebook page. Recently, I have spotted one post from them regarding their Bank Guarantee product. And it seems to be really helpful for serious traders who are in need of guarantee to conclude their deals. In that post, I have commented as, “Wish I will finally match your condition. Good solution you are” & instantly I received a response from the team to send the proforma invoice to start working on my transaction.

Hereby, I wish to convey to the Group Funding team, “Currently, I don’t have any trade deal pending in hand. But, I am really eager to work with you, if I got any new deals in the future!

Adam Kone,
Cote d’Ivoire, West Africa

I have heard a lot about Group Funding & the level of service they provide to their clients. I thought of giving them a try, but I didn’t get a chance to work with them. Recently, I came across a video on Facebook which is posted by Mr. George, the CEO of Group Funding in his personal profile. I was really stunned by seeing the video, because, the video itself speaks for themselves.

I wished to share my word of appreciation to them and commented as “You are doing a great job sir”. Instantly I received a response from him stating that “We look forward to doing business with you in the future.” Further, via this Group Fundingg Review page, I wish to convey the same to Group Funding that I am eagerly waiting to work with you and I hope this will become true soon. Keep on doing such great work, Group Funding team.

Evans H Phiri,

“Group Funding has helped us to take on a bigger contract by providing Bank Guarantee. They were ready to provide the commitment required without blocking my cash funds; I assure you that not many lenders would go to that length. Further, they explained everything clearly via a virtual meeting and had done the paperwork via email within the hour. Also, they’ve been extremely supportive! My heartily thanks to you, Group Funding You made the application process quicker and smoother than I thought it would be. I would do business with you again! Also, I would like recommend Group Funding to all who are in need of guarantees for their business.”

Patrick Karen,

“I may echo other people reviews on Group Funding here! Group Funding is the best trade finance provider I had the pleasure to work with. More importantly, they are very professional, efficient, personable and always available. What’s more, their timing was bravura. They concluded my LC transaction in just 24 hours. The whole experience made us feel fortunate and happy. Further, I would like to recommend Group Funding without any hesitation.”


Group Funding Reviews

“Group Funding is great! I contacted them to get Bank Guarantee for my import deal. Even though, they weren’t able to qualify my company (I didn’t meet their terms), they provided me a great consultation session that guided me to conclude my trade deals without financial risks. Although, I didn’t have the chance to work with them, I certainly looking forward to working with Group Funding in the future. Also, I would like to recommend Group Funding to all who are looking for trade finance services for their import and export deal.”

Richard Morgan,

“I know of a businessman who got his L/C from this institution. It was so quick and easy I couldn’t believe it until his goods were shipped and cleared by him weeks later. Also, hope I can use them too if I get a genuine business and want some kind of financial instrument.”

Shemouna Sulemana,

Recently I have seen a post in a Facebook Group posted by Group Funding stating their trade finance facilities. Already, I have heard a lot of positive reviews about them, so I have decided to recommend Group Funding to all the group members of SCRAP TRADER-S by writing “To all our Group here, please considering using this as it will safe guard you on the deal”. Hereby, I strongly recommend Group Funding to all. Also, I wish to say that we are going to work with them for our next transaction.

Bill Tradeworkz NZ Cann,
New Zealand.

“As I write this, it’s now about one week our Car Import Deal has been concluded successfully with the issued SBLC MT760. So, I just want to drop a thank you message to Group Funding as how we were pleased with your services. Also, I’m not usually in favor of doing recommendations; but here I’d like to do so, as I found your company is the genuine trade finance providers and trustable one too! Also, we’ll continue to have a strong relationship with your organization. Thank you, Group Funding!”

T’ao Peng,

“Excellent and professional services received by Group Funding I am writing this Group Funding Reviews to let all others know how Group Funding is dedicated themselves to help their clients. “We were running a construction company in UAE. Further, to proceed with the work on the project, the developer required Performance Bond. Since we had no way to avail MT760 from our bank, we contacted Group Funding Even in this Corona crisis, they approved our request and provided the MT760 from their bank account. We were really grateful for the timely help which they have done for us. Great thanks, Group Funding Strongly recommend you and your services to all others.”


“Great team and professional service! We required Bank Comfort Letter to purchase Rapid Corona Virus Test Kits & 3Ply Masks from China. Because of the decline in economy, they demanded us to prove our financial strength to import those kits. But we didn’t have enough cash inour bank account. So, we decided to get help from Group Funding At first, we contacted them with a doubt whether they will help us in this current situation or not. But they did their best to provide the MT799 from a rated bank, which help us to prove our financial worth to the supplier. Thanks a lot to Group Funding team for the help they did in such a critical situation!”


“I contacted you at Group Funding with my request to avail Bank Comfort Letter – BCL MT799. Dealing with trade finance providers like Group Funding is very professional & ethical. I am always thankful for the effort you have put into helping me with my trade finance needs. Also, I found that your professional approach and prompt service was outstanding. I do trust your client portfolio will continue to grow, and be assured, if and when I need trade finance, you will be the first point of contact. Many thanks, Mr. George! I have already strongly recommended you and your services to my friends and also, will continue to do so!”

Yoshida Naitou,

After reading the page Group Funding Reviews,

I thought of writing a note of thanks to Group Funding and am here now. I have worked with Group Funding twice. First time, I contacted Group Funding to avail BCL for my Sugar deal in the year 2014 and second, in 2019 to avail SBLC for my rice import. Even after 6 years, they remember and treated me as their precious client.  Especially, Mr. George, thank you so much for all your friendly assistance & professional approach, it is very much appreciated! Further, I would definitely recommend contacting Group Funding for any of our trade finance needs.”

Wilmot H,

Via this Group FundingReviews page,

I just wanted to express my sincere thanks to Group Funding and their team for the exceptional work that they did for our LC deal.  From the start till the end, there was no fluff and everything was transparent.  While working with them, I never felt pressured or treated like a “sales target” – instead, I felt like I am talking with a trusted advisor who offers me a great solution for my financial needs.  Further, the service they offered is second to none. So, I’m looking forward to having a successful business with them. Also, I would be happy to recommend their services to others.”

Ho Kao,

“Working with Mr. George & his team was incredibly a positive experience! Certainly, they are knowledgeable, responsive and did their best to get the things done quickly and professionally. Also, they were easily accessible during working days through text message, emails & phone calls. Further, when we decided to import Sugar from Brazil, the team at Group Funding worked to get us approved to avail BCL MT799 to show our financial status to our supplier. Also, firstly, I thank Group Funding Also, I wish to say that You and we are going to do a lot more business in the near future. Hence, highly recommended!”

Flores. W,

“This is the third time we have been using Group Funding. We’re really thankful for the support Group Funding has provided us over the past 5 years. Moreover, they helped us a lot in securing trade deals & give us the freedom to focus on expanding the business without the worry of arranging financial support. Also, it has been a pleasure to work with you over the years. Once again, thank you for treating me as your precious & valuable client.”

Jason G

“Thank you, Group Funding for helping us to win a multi-million dollar business! At first, we contacted Group Funding to avail Bid Bond Guarantee to submit our proposal. Their process was fast & professionally executed. Also, as they promised, we received the bid bond from a Genuine Bank. Further, I believe that with their help, I am going to become more successful in my industry! Overall, Thank you Group Funding for your timely help!”

Steven J

“Thank you Group Funding for assisting us by issuing an LC MT700 surely from a well known bank. Initially, it was a major concern of my seller that the MT700 to be issued specifically from a Genuine Bank. But, Group Funding catered to our needs by issuing the LC from a well rated bank that met our supplier’s benchmark. That is to say that, Group Funding helped me a lot to conclude the deal successfully. Thank you!”

Daniel Moore

“In fact, this is my second transaction with Group Funding. Indeed, I would like to appreciate their services all the way around from start to finish. Initially, few years ago, I contacted them with my MT700 request. At that time also, they did their best to issue the LC at the right time. Now again, I am with them for my SBLC transaction. I can be rest assured that they will tailor my SBLC exactly as it’s required to be. Keep up the GREAT work! Also, I wish you all the best to achieve more success. Further, certainly, I thank you for the prompt response and speedy delivery.”

Juan Lucas

We will always recommend Group Funding

“Recently, I have contacted them to avail LC to conclude my rice transaction. Accordingly, they structured our LC and likewise in return, we received the required product from our seller. That is to say that they are professionals in doing the work in a very accurate and prompt way. Certainly, we are really thankful to group Fundingfor their timely support! Also,  we will continue to do business with group Fundingand further, we highly recommend them!! 

Terry Lai

Group Funding L.L.C. Reviews

“I am truly impressed with Group Funding & their team! Recently, I have visited their Canada office, as I am in need of Bank Guarantee for my Petroleum deal.  Initially, I filled out the online application. Also, given other supporting documents. Further, they took a few minutes to analyze our deal & approved my request. Instantly, I paid the admin charges & signed the service agreement. Also, it’s really…. unimaginable, within a couple of days. Further, they completed BG transaction as promised. As a result, we were able to conclude our deal within the deadline. Thank you, group FundingTeam!”

Ahsan Kareem

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