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Read this news section to find our latest updates – from structuring new transactions, signing service agreements & concluding our clients’ deals! We, the leading Trade Finance Providers in Canada maintain this platform to provide great insights to our clients by keeping them updated with our recent updates.

Contact us today to get support for all your trade finance needs! If you have any trade deal pending in hand that requires – Letter of Credit, Standby Letter of Credit, or Bank Guarantee, you can always rely on us! Stay tuned with our latest news and updates to know how we are helping our clients to make their presence in the world’s trade market!

Recent News

MT760 SBLC Transaction Agreement Signed with a Buyer from Ghana

January 25, 2022
Group Funding now signed an agreement with a buyer from Ghana to start working with their MT760 SBLC transaction. Further, this is in regards to the deal of rice import from Thailand. That is to say – we help traders by providing SBLC at ZERO Collateral. As a result, Group Funding is recognized as the Trusted & Genuine SBLC Providers in Canada.

Mr. Muhammad Ismail, the CEO of Group Funding Explains “Types of Trade Finance Instruments”

>December 30, 2021
Mrs. Doyeon , the CEO, and Founder of Group Funding & Financial Consultant in Canada shares the insights of types of Trade Finance Instruments available for clients globally. Read now to get more info on trade finance.

Group Funding Signs a New Agreement with a Malaysian Trader for the Issuance of Guarantee Bond

October 7, 2021
Group Funding has signed an agreement with a trader to provide a Guarantee Bond – BG MT760 for a Diesel Oil EN590-10PPM deal. And so, read this latest news; to know how we are going to serve the client with their MT760 need.

Group Funding Signs Agreement with Brazilian Buyer for Financial SBLC Issuance

June 14, 2021
Group Funding, the trade finance provider in Canada now joins hands with a Buyer from Brazil; to support them with their Financial SBLC needs. Further, we, the SBLC Providers in Canada announced a new deal to issue a Standby LC for a buyer to import Garlic from China.
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Recent Success Stories

Bank Guarantee Facility | Financial Guarantee| Letter of Guarantee

Issued Bank Guarantee Facility for an African Buyer to Import Cars from Dubai

Documentary Credit – Letter of Credit - LC at Sight - MT700

Issuance of Documentary Credit for a Chinese Buyer to Import A+ Chicken Paws from Brazil

Standby Letter of Credit Providers – SBLC MT760 – Standby LC

Standby Letter of Credit Providers in Canada Facilitated MT760 for Gas Oil Import

Trade Finance in Canada – Standby Letter of Credit – SBLC MT760

UAE Buyer Imported Sugar from Brazil by Availing Trade Finance in Canada

LC Issuance – Letter of Credit – LC at Sight – LC Providers

Successful LC Issuance to Import Toyota Hilux Pickup Trucks from UAE

Letter of Credit Issuance – LC Providers in Canada – Scrap Metal Import

Letter of Credit Issuance from European Banks for a Canada Trader

LC Payable at Sight – LC Providers in Canada – DLC MT700

Issued LC Payable at Sight to Import Bitumen from UAE

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